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Winter Tires

Snow Tires in Guelph, ON

Winter's arrival brings unfavorable driving conditions. For superior handling in snow,  you need winter tires designed for the job. At Ted's Tire Discounter, we have a large selection of snow tires for sale. Shop favorite brands and competitive tire prices at our tire store serving Guelph, ON, Kitchener, ON, Cambridge, ON, and surrounding areas.

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Snow Tires Vs All-Season Tires

Snow tires have a special rubber compound specifically designed to stay pliable in winter temperatures. Because of this compound, winter tires offer greater traction compared to all-season tires.

Winter tire tread consists of sipes, small cuts that flex and bite at snow-covered roads. Sipes help disperse snow, provide better acceleration, and reduce braking distance.

When the temperature drops to near freezing, all-season tires lose traction, while the rubber tread on winter tires remains pliable and maintains its grip. This is why winter tires are necessary when winter weather hits.

Winter Tire & Driving Tips

  • Install snow tires in a set of 4 for better control of your vehicle.
  • Buy winter wheels; there are often deals on winter tire and wheel packages, plus winter wheels are better suited for salt and grime. They're also perfect for protecting custom wheels by keeping them off the road.
  • Store off-season tires in a temperate environment to prevent them from deteriorating
  • Purchase and install winter tires before snow falls to save time and hassle.

Winter Tires in Guelph, ON

When choosing a set of winter tires, look for the snowflake logo. This logo, created by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association, guarantees that the tires have met traction requirements and are recommended specifically for use in snow.

No single tire performs well year-round. For this reason, snow tires are worth the investment during winter. Enjoy peace of mind and greater handling in snow.

When you’re ready for your set of snow tires, come to Ted's Tire Discounter.

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