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Tire Plug & Patch

The proper way to have a tire repaired is to patch the tire from the inside and fill the puncture hole. Do not have your tire plugged. Ever. Plug repairs do not involve taking the tire off the wheel for a proper inspection. A plug is simply inserted into the punctured area, making it unreliable. Insist on a full inspection and have your dealer demount and internally as well as externally inspect the tire, patch and fill the repair on the inside of the tire.” – Michelin Canada

What We Do: Tire Repairs Performed Right

We use a Plug and Patch combination tire repair that fills the injury in your tire as well as reinforces the tire itself. Before repairing any tire, it is taken off the rim and given a full inspection to confirm that it is safe to repair. Our technicians have been trained on how to repair your tire so it is safe to return to service.

We do not use typical “string-plug” tire repairs. String plug repairs are for TEMPORARY USE ONLY and should not be used as a permanent solution. Many shops will advertise $10 tire repairs and claim that they are a permanent fix, which is an unsafe practice. Your tire needs to be dismounted from the rim and fully inspected to make sure that it is safe to return to the road.

Take a Closer Look at Your Tires

Many tire repair shops have moved away from plugging tires on the wheel. This is a step in the right direction as it does allow the technician to properly inspect the tire for internal damage. Often times, a repair unit is installed over the open injury. The photo below shows the result of this type of repair.

Tire Plug and Patch in Guelph, ON

The repair unit vulcanizes to the inside of the tire and restores the air retention capability to the tire. The repair unit usually has fabric reinforcement which restores the strength to the tire. After the tire returns to service, the unprepared, open injury is exposed to moisture and debris under normal driving conditions. The tire components: rubber, fabric, and steel all begin to lose their strength and integrity. Separation occurs and the injury grows. Eventually, the repair unit can no longer support the increased amount of damage in the tire. A catastrophic tire failure may occur resulting in serious injury or death.

Proper Tire Repairs

A proper tire repair permanently restores the strength and integrity and performance to the tire while providing a full tire service life. Tech International and most tire industry members recommend that tire repairs consist of the following key components.

  • The tire must be removed from the wheel and inspected.
  • The injury must be prepared and filled with a vulcanizing rubber stem that protects the casing components from moisture and corrosion.
  • The tire must be sealed and reinforced from the inside with a repair unit.
  • Refer to manufacturers and/or tire repair material manufacturers policies regarding specific repair limitations.

Tire Plug and Patch in Kitchener ON

Information and pictures from Tech International

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