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Trailer Tires & Wheels

Trailer tires you can rely on

At Ted's Tire Discounter, we ensure your trailer has the right tire to meet your demands. From small boat trailers to heavy duty utility trailers we have the knowledge and experience to make your shopping experience smooth.

Preferred Brands:

Endurance Radial
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The highest quality of trailer tire, the Goodyear Endurance lives up to its name with long lasting dependability and life.

Radial Tire HD
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Carlisle trailer tires have been a staple in the trailer tire industry for over 100 years. Reliable and affordable tires you can trust.

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The Gallant STR and GL trailer tires combine cost effectiveness and reliability.

Trailer Safety Tips:


Always be sure to check your trailer tires are properly inflated to either the trailers recommended psi first, or the maximum alotted pressure alloted on the sidewall of the tire.

Improper trailer tire inflation can lead to a blow out, potentially causing an accident.

Load Capacity:

Trailer tires come in a variety of load capacities that vary based upon the size of the tire. All of your trailer tires must be the same size, and carry the same load rating equal or greater than the gross weight of the trailer.

Trailer tire load capacity rating on tire sidewall
Rating Ply
B 4
C 6
D 8
E 10


Trailer tires should be replaced every 3-4 years regardless of tread depth or "how they look". After only 3 years of use a trailer tire loses approximately a 3rd of it's strength. When possible you should be covering up your trailer tires to protect them against long-term UV exposure and the elements.

Bias VS. Radial:

bias tire vs radial tire

The biggest difference between bias and radial tires is the construction. The cords within a radial tire are running parallel with each other and have steel belts or additional cording to support the construction along the tread. Bias ply tires cords are in a criss-crossed pattern 30-40 degrees through-out the tire.

The most important thing to remember that the Ministry of transportation states ALL of your trailer tires must be of the same construction (All bias ply or all radials).

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Cooper Toyo Michelin Falken Goodyear Antares
Cooper Toyo Michelin Falken Goodyear Antares

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