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Exhaul ST

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Rovelo Exhaul ST

The Rovelo Exhaul ST is designed for all towed trailer applications. A key feature of the Exhaul ST is its ability to provide superior towing stability. In addition to increased strength and enhanced durability, the construction of Exhaul ST delivers low rolling resistance over the life of the tire.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
5546537ST175/80R13 91L (24")0 $88.57
5546538ST205/75R14 100L (26.1")56 $114.56
5546539ST205/75R15 107L (27.1")89 $124.44
5546540ST225/75R15 117L (28.3")14 $143.60
5546541ST235/80R16 124L (30.8")18 $191.44
5546542ST235/85R16 125L (31.7")89 $215.55
5546543ST235/85R16 128L (31.7")44 $224.65