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Additional Information Hankook Kinergy PT H737

The Hankook Kinergy PT is a Premium Touring All-Season tire and offered with a No.1 “860 A A” UTQG rating as well as an optimized 90,000 mileage warranty (75,000 on V-rated fitments).


  • Optimized tread block stiffness ensures enhanced performance and tread uniformity for improved handling performance and mileage
  • The visual alignment indicator siping system provides an easy way to check tire alignment
  • A block applied to the tie-bar of outer lateral groove provides excellent handling and braking


Part NumberSizeService
HN 1023463185/65R1486H23.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$111.39
HN 1021404185/60R1584T23.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$94.80
HN 1021394195/60R1588H24.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$133.51
HN 1021389195/65R1591H25Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$127.98
HN 1021410205/60R1591H24.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$145.36
HN 1023464205/65R1594H25.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$142.20
HN 1021402205/70R1596T26.3Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$105.07
HN 1023465215/60R1594H25.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$116.13
HN 1021395215/70R1598T26.9Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$110.60
HN 1021411225/70R15100T27.4Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$112.97
HN 1021412235/70R15103T28Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$116.13
HN 1021359235/75R15109T28.9Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$112.97
HN 1021390205/55R1691H24.9Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$150.10
HN 1021398205/60R1692H25.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$152.47
HN 1021391205/65R1695H26.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$147.73
HN 1023419215/60R1695H26.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$158.79
HN 1023466215/65R1698H27Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$155.63
HN 1021387225/60R1698H26.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$170.64
HN 1021386225/65R16100T27.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$166.69
HN 1021406235/60R16100H27.1Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$176.96
HN 1021392235/65R16103T28Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$171.43
HN 1025065215/55R1794?26.3-0Out of Stock$193.55
HN 1021405215/60R1796H27.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$184.07
HN 1021407215/65R1799T28Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$181.70
HN 1021400225/55R1797H26.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$195.13
HN 1021393225/60R1799H27.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$189.60
HN 1021397225/65R17102H28.5Black Sidewall0Low Stock $185.65
HN 1025070235/55R1799?27.2-0Out of Stock$200.66
HN 1021409235/60R17102T28.1Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$198.29
HN 1025071235/65R17104H29-0Low Stock $195.13
HN 1021408215/55R1895H27.3Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$204.61
HN 1021403225/50R1895H26.9Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$165.11
HN 1021396225/55R1898H27.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$210.14
HN 1025078235/55R18100V28.2-0Out of Stock$207.77
HN 1025079235/60R18107V29.1-0Out of Stock$206.19