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Potenza S007A RFT

  • Performance, Run-Flat, Summer
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Bridgestone Potenza S007A RFT

Your sports car isn't just a mode of transportation. It's a way of life. An exhilarating escape from the hum-drum of a day's routine. Make sure your vehicle's power translates to the road with the right tire, like the new Potenza S007A Run-Flat. You'll get more grip and better braking in wet conditions, thanks to the tire's specially engineered pattern geometry. And when you make tight turns and hug city corners, you'll enjoy greater stability, control, and responsiveness thanks to low angle sipes and wide center ribs on the tread. The Bridgestone Potenza S007A Run-Flat tire is engineered to deliver a thrilling ride...and keep you on the road longer.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
BS 004753245/35R19 93Y (25.8")0 $510.39
BS 003464245/40R18 93Y (25.7")0 $385.58
BS 004806245/40R20 99Y (27.7")0 $598.64
BS 003466275/35R18 95Y (25.6")0 $546.96
BS 004808275/35R20 102Y (27.6")0 $615.33
BS 003468285/30R19 94Y (25.7")0 $522.32
BS 004754285/30R20 99Y (26.7")0 $658.00
BS 003465285/35R19 99Y (26.9")0 $579.56
BS 003467325/30R19 101Y (26.7")0 $629.11
BS 003470335/25R20 103Y (26.6")0 $701.72