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Toyo Motorsports

Proxes RR Competition Tire

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Toyo Motorsports Proxes RR Competition Tire

Race-ready off the shelf with a 4/32" deep tread, the Proxes RR delivers consistent lap times and predictable handling on dry tracks. This DOT competition tire* is ideal for NASA road racing, track days, and high-performance driving schools. The symmetric two-groove tread design and special tread compound provide a maximum contact patch and ultimate dry traction with superior cornering force. (*Warning: For racing purposes only. Not for highway use.)



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
TY 255270225/45R17 (25")0 $440.73
TY 255300255/35R18 (25")0 $530.87
TY 255320315/30R20 101Y (27.4")0 $712.13
TY 255330325/30R20 102Y (27.7")0 $746.13
TY 255280345/30R19 (27.1")0 $712.13
TY 255290345/35R18 (27.5")0 $712.13