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Sincera SN201 A/S

Manufacturer Part #:

Additional Information

Falken Sincera SN201 A/S

The Falken SINCERA SN201 A/S consistently provides all-season performance and comfort through an advanced manufacturing process, cutting-edge product features and quality construction.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
FK 28629079175/65R14 82T (23")0
FK 28625910225/65R16 100T (27.5")0
FK 28624100225/60R16 98H (26.6")0
FK 28629411225/50R18 95T (26.9")0
FK 28622942215/70R15 98T (26.9")0
FK 28628211215/65R17 99T (28")0
FK 28629114215/65R16 98T (27")0
FK 28626173215/65R15 96T (26")0
FK 28629251215/60R16 95T (26.2")0
FK 28624434205/70R15 96T (26.3")0
FK 28621876205/65R16 95H (26.5")0
FK 28622343205/65R15 99H (25.5")0
FK 28625894195/70R14 91T (24.7")0
FK 28623765195/65R15 91H (25")0
FK 28622401185/70R14 88T (24.2")0
FK 28622984185/65R15 88H (24.5")0
FK 28629474185/65R14 86T (23.5")0
FK 28625088185/60R15 84T (23.7")0
FK 28629733235/65R16 103T (28")0
FK 28624722235/75R15 105T (28.9")0