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Additional Information Toyo Proxes Sport A/S

The pursuit of maximum handling capabilities while providing luxury comfort is here. The Proxes Sport A/S is an ultra-high-performance passenger tire providing the security of all season driving. The asymmetric tread design allows this tire to maximize the combination of both wet and dry performance.


  • The asymmetric tread design allows this tire to maximize the combination of both wet and dry performance
  • 3 straight ribs improve straight line stability for less chance of wandering
  • 4 wide grooves help evacuate water for added traction during inclement weather


Part NumberSizeService
TY 214630205/50R1691?24.10Out of Stock$186.30
TY 214580205/55R1694?24.90Low Stock $175.95
TY 214690205/40R1784?23.50Out of Stock$198.72
TY 214680205/45R1788?24.30Out of Stock$189.75
TY 214210205/50R1793?25.10Out of Stock$201.48
TY 214110215/45R1791?24.60In Stock $198.72
TY 214370215/50R1795?25.50Out of Stock$216.66
TY 214030225/45R1794?250In Stock $209.76
TY 214240225/50R1798?25.90Out of Stock$225.63
TY 214890235/40R1794?24.40Out of Stock$229.08
TY 214120235/45R1797?25.30Out of Stock$219.42
TY 214320235/50R17100V26.30Out of Stock$236.67
TY 214250245/40R1795?24.70Out of Stock$242.88
TY 214220245/45R1799?25.70Out of Stock$230.46
TY 214380245/50R1799?26.60Out of Stock$246.33
TY 214350255/40R1798?250Out of Stock$253.23
TY 134830265/40R1796?25.30Out of Stock$317.40
TY 214470275/40R1798?25.70Out of Stock$273.24
TY 214900215/40R1889?24.80Out of Stock$222.87
TY 214330215/45R1893?25.60Out of Stock$244.26
TY 214570225/40R1892?25.10In Stock $251.16
TY 214140225/45R1895?260Out of Stock$249.78
TY 214400225/50R1895?26.90Out of Stock$244.26
TY 214590235/40R1895?25.40Out of Stock$264.27
TY 214160235/45R1898?26.30In Stock $255.99
TY 214180235/50R18101W27.30Out of Stock$270.48
TY 214270235/55R18100V28.20Out of Stock$244.26
TY 214870245/35R1892?24.80Out of Stock$298.77
TY 214150245/40R1897?25.70Out of Stock$285.66
TY 214170245/45R18100Y26.70Out of Stock$269.10
TY 214360245/50R18100Y27.60Out of Stock$283.59
TY 214660255/35R1894?250Out of Stock$309.12
TY 214290255/40R1899?260Out of Stock$298.77
TY 214390255/45R18103Y270Out of Stock$283.59
TY 214770265/35R1897?25.30Out of Stock$322.23
TY 214490265/40R18101Y26.30Out of Stock$309.12
TY 214500265/45R18101Y27.40Out of Stock$299.46
TY 214760275/35R1899?25.60Out of Stock$338.10
TY 214430275/40R1899?26.70Out of Stock$326.37
TY 214460285/35R18101Y25.90Out of Stock$353.97
TY 214530295/35R18103Y26.10Out of Stock$371.22
TY 134820295/35R18103Y26.10Out of Stock$419.52
TY 214840225/35R1988?25.20Out of Stock$306.36
TY 214650225/40R1993?26.10Low Stock $302.91
TY 214260225/45R1996?270Out of Stock$289.11
TY 214620235/35R1991?25.50In Stock $324.30
TY 214850235/40R1996?26.40In Stock $316.02
TY 214720245/35R1993?25.80In Stock $337.41
TY 214190245/40R1998?26.70Low Stock $328.44
TY 214300245/45R19102Y27.70Out of Stock$302.91
TY 214480245/50R19105W28.60Out of Stock$298.77
TY 214860255/30R1991?250Out of Stock$371.22
TY 214640255/35R1996?260Out of Stock$353.97
TY 214340255/40R19100Y270Out of Stock$345.00
TY 214230255/45R19104Y280Out of Stock$317.40
TY 214790265/30R1993?25.30Out of Stock$382.95
TY 214780265/35R1998?26.30Out of Stock$371.22
TY 214880275/30R1996?25.50Out of Stock$396.75
TY 214730275/35R19100Y26.60Out of Stock$389.16
TY 214410275/40R19105Y27.70Out of Stock$379.50
TY 214800285/30R1998?25.70Out of Stock$414.69
TY 214450285/35R19103Y26.90Out of Stock$406.41
TY 214550285/40R19103Y280Out of Stock$398.13
TY 214750295/30R19100Y260Out of Stock$435.39
TY 214420325/30R19105Y26.70Out of Stock$492.66
TY 214940225/30R2085?25.30Out of Stock$359.49
TY 214710225/35R2090?26.20Out of Stock$316.02
TY 214950235/35R2092?26.50Out of Stock$328.44
TY 214600245/35R2095?26.80Low Stock $340.86
TY 214310245/40R2099?27.70In Stock $358.11
TY 214130245/45R20103Y28.70In Stock $340.86
TY 214610255/35R2097?270Out of Stock$358.11
TY 214510255/40R20101Y280Out of Stock$376.05
TY 214280255/45R20105Y290Out of Stock$358.11
TY 214910265/35R2099?27.30Out of Stock$376.05
TY 214810275/30R2097?26.50Out of Stock$402.27
TY 214700275/35R20102Y27.60Out of Stock$393.30
TY 214200275/40R20106Y28.70Out of Stock$406.41
TY 214740285/30R2099?26.70Out of Stock$422.28
TY 214540285/35R20100Y27.90Out of Stock$410.55
TY 214920295/25R2095?25.80Out of Stock$466.44
TY 214670295/30R20101Y270Out of Stock$444.36
TY 214520295/35R20105Y28.10Out of Stock$431.25
TY 134720305/30R20103Y27.20Out of Stock$507.84
TY 214440315/35R20110?28.70Out of Stock$436.08
TY 134690345/25ZR20104Z26.80Out of Stock$635.49
TY 214820245/35R2196?27.80In Stock $356.73
TY 214830265/35R21101Y28.30In Stock $392.61
TY 134680325/25R21102L27.40Out of Stock$609.27
TY 134700355/25ZR21107Z280Out of Stock$698.97
TY 214960255/30R2295?280Out of Stock$410.55
TY 214970265/30R2297?28.30Out of Stock$428.49
TY 214930265/35R22102W29.30Out of Stock$410.55
TY 214980295/25R2297?27.80Out of Stock$509.91
TY 214990315/25R22101Y28.20Out of Stock$554.07