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Victra VR-1

  • Competition, Directional, Performance, Summer
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Maxxis Victra VR-1

Designed for the motorsports enthusiast, the Victra VR-1 is a tire for drivers who want it all. The VR-1 features a compound that warms to operating temperature quickly and provides tenacious dry traction on the street or the track. The VR-1’s compound also heat cycles well, ensuring consistent lap times throughout the life of the tire. The new pattern was designed to maximize dry performance while minimizing white-knuckle moments in wet weather. The reinforced casing design provides almost telepathic responses, allowing the driver to put the car where it needs to be. Now available in an updated S2 compound. Maxxis does not recommend mixing different compounds on the same vehicle.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
TP01828100205/50R15 86W (23.1")0 $258.19
TP00000700215/40R16 86W (22.8")0 $310.37
TP02286100215/40R17 83W (23.8")0
TP02294100225/40R18 88W (25.1")0 $449.55
TP02306100225/45R15 87W (23")0 $300.71
TP02321100225/45R17 94W (25")0 $435.38
TP01929100245/40R15 88W (22.7")0 $343.24
TP00000600245/40R17 95W (24.7")0 $416.45
TP02303100245/40R18 93W (25.7")0 $455.63
TP00000800255/35R18 94W (25")0 $473.85
TP00047200255/40R17 94W (25")0 $466.76
TP00013400265/35R18 97W (25.3")0 $495.11
TP02285100275/35R18 99W (25.6")0 $543.71
TP00004400285/35R18 101W (25.9")0 $569.03
TP00023500295/40R18 103W (27.3")0