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Argonite RV-4

  • Commercial, M+S, Summer
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Radar Argonite RV-4

The Argonite RV-4 is a state-of-the-art, high-mileage van tire. This range has been designed for medium to large light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. It offers excellent mileage, stability, high load carrying capability, hydroplaning resistance and low noise emission. This range features robust sidewall protectors that have been designed to cope with curb damage and protect the carcass. Available in speed ratings up to H (210km/h), this range offers a good combination of value and performance.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
RGD0047155R12 88R (22")0
ACD0060235/65R16 121R (28")0
RGD0034235/60R17 117S (28.1")0
RGD0044225/75R16 121R (29.3")0
RSD0049225/75R16 121R (29.3")0
RGD0071225/70R15 112S (27.4")0
RGD0043225/65R16 112T (27.5")0
RSD0005225/65R16 112T (27.5")0
RGD0068225/60R16 111T (26.6")0
RGD0046225/55R17 109H (26.7")0
RGD0039215/75R16 116R (28.7")0
RGD0054215/70R16 108T (27.9")0
RGD0032215/70R15 109T (26.9")0
RGD0038215/65R16 109T (27")0
RGD0031215/65R15 104T (26")0
RAGFCN0220215/60R17 109T (27.2")0
RGD0037215/60R16 103T (26.2")0
RGD0052205/75R16 113R (28.1")0
RGD0026175/65R14 90T (23")0
RGD0027175/70R14 95T (23.6")0
RGD0050175/75R16 101R (26.3")0
RGD0033185/75R16 104R (26.9")0
RGD0051195/60R16 99H (25.2")0
RGD0070195/65R15 95T (25")0
RGD0060235/65R16 121R (28")0
RAGFCN0001195/65R15 98T (25")0
RGD0028195/70R15 104R (25.7")0
RGD0040195/75R16 110T (27.5")0
RGD0069195R15 106R (27.6")0
RGD0029205/65R15 102T (25.5")0
RGD0036205/65R16 107T (26.5")0
RGD0049205/70R15 106T (26.3")0
RGD0042195/65R16 104T (26")0
RGD0045235/65R16 115T (28")0