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Bravo UE-168

  • All Season, Commercial
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Maxxis Bravo UE-168

The UE-168 tire for commercial highway vehicles offers the ideal balance of safety and durability. A specially formulated compound and an enhanced tread design provide drivers with the confidence needed to make those long hauls.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
TL12411200185R14 102R (25.9")0
TL12468000205/70R14 102Q (25.3")0
TL12458000205R14 109Q (27.2")0
TL15800000215/70R15 109R (26.9")0
TL15821000225/70R15 112R (27.4")0
TL30169000LT215/85R16 115Q (30.4")0
TL30158000LT225/75R16 115Q (29.3")0
TL16001200LT235/75R15 110Q (28.9")0
TL00016100LT235/80R17 120Q (31.8")0
TL30186000LT235/85R16 120Q (31.7")0
TL30196000LT245/75R16 120Q (30.5")0