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Cobra Radial G/T

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Cooper Cobra Radial G/T

The Cooper Radial G/T has the look classic American muscle car lovers want. And with a tread built for strong grip and long wear, and refined for a smooth, comfortable ride, it has the desired performance, too. You can count on the Radial G/T to deliver long-lasting good looks and plenty of driving enjoyment.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
CP 160009024215/65R15 95T (26")6 $187.06
CP 160015024215/70R14 96T (25.9")0 $169.58
CP 160020024215/70R15 97T (26.9")16 $167.14
CP 160016024225/70R14 98T (26.4")14 $174.07
CP 160011024225/70R15 100T (27.4")4 $180.43
CP 160006024235/60R14 96T (25.1")10 $189.88
CP 160017024235/60R15 98T (26.1")6 $196.47
CP 160012024235/70R15 102T (28")19 $194.26
CP 160008024245/60R15 100T (26.6")0 $212.22
CP 160018024255/60R15 102T (27")24 $208.63
CP 160013024255/70R15 108T (29.1")14 $210.86
CP 160019024275/60R15 107T (28")18 $228.22
CP 160007024295/50R15 105S (26.6")18 $280.48