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Informations Complémentaires Continental ContiSportContact 6

The Continental SportContact 6 is an ultra high performance tire tuned for the most powerful original equipment applications.

Points forts

  • Black Chili for maximum grip in all directions enables supreme driving experience
  • Vectoring for maximum control, a new era in tread pattern development
  • Aralon350™, the new adaptive hybrid cap ply for maximum stability at high speeds


Numéro d'articleTailleDescription
CT 03566590000245/35R1993Y25.8Black Sidewall0Stock faible $540,93
CT 03579800000245/35R1993Y25.8Black Sidewall0En stock $540,93
CT 03575350000245/40R1998Y26.7Black Sidewall0En stock $490,56
CT 03564620000265/35R1998Y26.3Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$588,38
CT 03583480000265/35R1998Y26.3Black Sidewall0En stock $602,98
CT 03573590000265/40R19102Y27.3Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$515,15
CT 03576270000295/35R19104Y27.1Black Sidewall0Stock faible $627,80
CT 03579010000245/30R2090Y25.8Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$481,42
CT 03573280000255/40R20101Y28Black Sidewall0Stock faible $583,27
CT 03572140000265/45R20108Y29.4Black Sidewall0En stock $611,74
CT 03117910000275/30R2097Y26.5Black Sidewall0En stock $684,74
CT 03583490000275/30R2097Y26.5Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$582,54
CT 03580110000275/50R20113Y30.8Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$552,61
CT 03564610000295/30R20101Y27Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$767,23
CT 03572070000295/40R20110Y29.3Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$600,06
CT 03583940000305/30R20103Y27.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$813,95
CT 03578140000275/45R21110Y30.7Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$562,10
CT 03572510000285/40R21109Y30Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$627,07
CT 03578090000285/45R21113Y31.1Black Sidewall0En stock $816,87
CT 03578130000315/40R21115Y30.9Black Sidewall0En stock $689,85
CT 03576600000285/35R22106Y29.9Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$590,23
CT 03570230000285/40R22110Y31Black Sidewall0En stock $780,37
CT 03572430000285/40R22110Y31Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$737,30
CT 03576610000315/30R22107Y29.4Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$638,28
CT 03572250000325/35R22114Y31Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$760,66