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Creepy Crawler M8090

  • All Season, M+S, Performance, Traction
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Maxxis Creepy Crawler M8090

Designed to conquer slightly different terrain than the Trepador bias, the Creepy Crawler also features a conformable bias-ply casing to maximize the contact patch on uneven off-road terrain. The unique pattern and sidewall design excel on mud and rocky terrain.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
TL3000670035x12.50R15LT 113L (35")0 $742.73
TL3000770035x12.50R16LT 112L (35")0 $816.08
TL3000710035x12.50R17LT 121L (35")0 $790.76
TL0000750035x12.50R20LT 121L (35")0
TL3000790037x12.50R15LT 117L (37")0 $862.65
TL3000860037x12.50R16LT 124L (37")0
TL3002730037x12.50R17LT 124L (37")0
TL3000870037x14.50R16LT 126L (37")0 $923.40
TL3000930038.5x14.50R16LT 129L (38.5")0 $961.88
TL3000910038x13.00R15LT 128L (38")0 $915.30