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G-Max Justice

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General G-Max Justice

Designed for law enforcement fleets and high-speed pursuit applications, the G-MAX™ Justice provides a durable tire with technologies that offer precise handling, all-season traction and a longer tread life.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
GN 15553910000225/60R16 98V (26.6")0 $238.32
GN 15553920000225/60R18 100W (28.6")0 $336.96
GN 15553930000235/50R18 101W (27.3")0 $347.04
GN 15553940000235/55R17 99W (27.2")0 $253.44
GN 15553950000245/55R18 103V (28.6")0 $285.84
GN 15553960000265/60R17 108V (29.5")0 $341.28