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M8008 Plus ST Radial

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Maxxis M8008 Plus ST Radial

The new MAXXIS M8008+ is an all-purpose specialty trailer tire engineered to further improve the already-stellar performance of our iconic M8008. Designed for the increased demands of modern travel trailers, boat trailers and toy haulers, the new M8008+ uses an advanced tread and sidewall compound to maximize UV and heat resistance while improving rolling resistance. Our engineers also incorporated a new inner liner design to maximize air retention while revising the construction to handle demanding tasks better than ever before. Select sizes still feature a full nylon cap-ply design for excellent high-speed stability and performance.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
TL00097200ST175/80R13 91N (24")0 $113.28
TL00097300ST185/80R13 94N (24.7")0 $118.63
TL00097500ST205/75R14 105N (26.1")0 $161.93
TL00097400ST205/75R14 100N (26.1")0 $135.23
TL00096700ST205/75R15 107N (27.1")3 $167.24
TL00096600ST205/75R15 101N (27.1")0 $159.83
TL00097600ST215/75R14 102N (26.7")1 $158.09
TL00096900ST225/75R15 117N (28.3")0 $184.15
TL00096800ST225/75R15 113N (28.3")0 $183.53
TL00097000ST235/80R16 123N (30.8")0 $240.79