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  • All Season, M+S, Touring
  • Warranty: 50k Mile
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Maxxis MA-202

Get the ultra-smooth ride and sure-footed driving confidence you need from the new MA-202 radial. Available in 29 sizes, 12" to 16", the state-of-the-art MA-202 meets Maxxis' high standards for quality - at a value price. Providing excellent high-speed handling, with a jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap for optimum stability, the MA-202 also features independent tread blocks for the grip you want on wet roads. Double-steel belted for extra durability, outstanding traction and long trouble-free mileage.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
TP09788600155/80R12 77T (21.8")0
TP40978300215/65R16 98T (27")0
TP39404700215/65R15 96H (26")0
TP40908800215/60R16 95T (26.2")0
TP18451800215/60R15 94T (25.2")0
TP39720300215/55R16 93H (25.3")0
TP39158600205/70R14 95T (25.3")0
TP15765900205/65R15 94T (25.5")0
TP38062200205/60R15 91T (24.7")0
TP00137900205/55R16 90H (24.9")0
TP24579400195/70R14 91T (24.7")0
TP23956900195/65R15 91H (25")0
TP23902800195/65R14 89H (24")0
TP40996600225/60R16 98T (26.6")0
TP38002400195/60R15 88H (24.2")0
TP23556800185/70R14 88T (24.2")0
TP23077400185/70R13 86T (23.2")0
TP18314500185/65R15 88H (24.5")0
TP17634400185/65R14 86H (23.5")0
TP18293200185/60R15 84H (23.7")0
TP16025800185/60R14 82H (22.7")0
TP15902100175/70R14 84T (23.6")0
TP20541400175/70R13 82T (22.6")0
TP15703200175/65R14 82T (23")0
TP34008000165/80R13 83T (23.4")0
TP12377500165/70R13 79T (22.1")0
TP33152800155/80R13 79T (22.8")0
TP18005300195/60R14 86H (23.2")0
TP40993100225/60R16 98S (26.6")0