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Informations Complémentaires Nitto NT-555R R2

The NT555RII is a D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radial designed with additional flexibility for the weekend drag racer. The high-grip compound and semi-racing construction provide increased traction at the starting line, while the large circumferential grooves aid wet handling on your way to the drag strip.

Points forts

  • Race compound for increased traction at the starting line
  • The large twin center ribs provide a continuous contact patch for dry traction
  • The sidewall construction has been modified to improve launch


Numéro d'articleTailleDescription
NT 108610275/50R15101W25.80-En rupture de stock$319,68
NT 107830275/60R15107V280Black SidewallEn rupture de stock$295,68
NT 107840325/50R15112?27.80-Stock faible $390,72
NT 108720245/50R1697?25.60-En rupture de stock$307,20
NT 108750245/45R1799?25.70-En rupture de stock$337,92
NT 108650275/40R1793?25.70-En rupture de stock$408,96
NT 108760305/45R17102W27.80-En rupture de stock$478,08
NT 108670315/35R1793?25.70-Stock faible $482,88
NT 108680275/40R1894?26.70-En rupture de stock$471,36
NT 108540285/40R1896?270-En rupture de stock$533,76
NT 108700305/35R18105W26.40-En rupture de stock$562,56
NT 108790305/40R18106W27.60-En rupture de stock$545,28
NT 108740305/45R18103W28.80-En rupture de stock$516,48
NT 108770315/40R18102W27.90-En rupture de stock$571,20
NT 108800335/30R1895?25.90-En rupture de stock$640,32
NT 108710275/40R19101W27.70-En rupture de stock$495,36
NT 108780285/35R19103W26.90-En rupture de stock$531,84
NT 108640305/35R19106W27.40-En rupture de stock$593,28
NT 108730345/30R19105W27.10-En rupture de stock$713,28
NT 108690275/35R20102W27.60-En rupture de stock$548,16
NT 108660275/40R20106W28.70-En rupture de stock$521,28
NT 108550285/30R2099?26.70-En rupture de stock$593,28
NT 108810295/35R20105W28.10-En rupture de stock$593,28
NT 108560305/30R20103W27.20-En rupture de stock$633,60
NT 108580305/35R20107W28.40-En rupture de stock$598,08
NT 108820305/50R20116?320-En rupture de stock$528,96
NT 108630315/35R20106W28.70Black SidewallEn rupture de stock$648,00
NT 108570305/40R22114?31.60-Stock faible $633,60