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Proxes R888

  • Competition, Directional
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Toyo Proxes R888

The Proxes R888 is for drivers who know what it means to really push a car. Its optimized construction and tread design balances dry performance and wet traction, keeping you fully under control in extreme driving situations. If your idea of fun includes road racing, track days, and high-performance driving schools, then this DOT competition tire* is for you. (*Caution: Recommended for competition events only.)

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
TY 168070225/50R14 89V (22.9")0
TY 168150225/50R16 92W (24.9")0
TY 168110275/40R18 99W (26.7")0
TY 168250285/30R18 97Y (24.7")0