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Turanza ER33

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Bridgestone Turanza ER33

This summer tire maintains solid grip on dry and wet road surfaces, and reduces the risk of hydroplaning through circumferential grooves that remove water from the contact area. The tire also gives you reliable handling and braking, letting you drive with confidence.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
BS 003386215/50R17 91V (25.5")0 $321.72
BS 108180225/40R18 88Y (25.1")0 $428.96
BS 025093225/50R17 94W (25.9")0 $281.68
BS 025110235/45R18 94Y (26.3")0 $396.20
BS 132779235/50R18 97W (27.3")3 $369.04
BS 000984245/45R18 96W (26.7")0 $398.44
BS 093526245/45R19 98Y (27.7")0 $412.16
BS 001454255/35R18 90Y (25")0 $487.20
BS 108163255/40R18 95Y (26")0 $431.20