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VikingContact 7 SSR

  • 3PMS, Run-Flat, Winter
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
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Continental VikingContact 7 SSR

Does the temperature regularly stay below 45 degrees Fahrenheit? Does it snow? Do your roads have a wintry mix of ice and slush? Then the VikingContact™ 7 winter tire is the right tire to get you through. This directional winter tire lets you to take control of winter. Optimal balance of flexibility and stiffness; flexibility for those slippery road conditions with the stiffness you want for long life. It carries the symbol for severe winter conditions.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
CT 03450260000225/45R18 95T (26")15 $359.16
CT 03450340000225/50R17 98T (25.9")15 $318.28
CT 03450660000225/60R17 99T (27.6")32 $284.70