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Winter icept evo2

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Hankook Winter icept evo2

The Winter i*cept evo2 is designed with enhanced braking and handling performance on wet and snowy roads due to 3D winter sipes, snow-pick traction and zigzag grooves. Suitable for premium vehicles thanks to newly developed tread compounds which allows the tire contact area to remain elastic even at low temperatures providing additional grip and handling.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
HN 1024865195/45R18 (24.9")0 $220.41
HN 1019676235/50R19 103H (28.3")0 $323.90
HN 1022600245/40R21 100V (28.7")0 $410.80
HN 1022273255/45R19 104V (28")0 $413.17
HN 1022272255/45R19 104V (28")39 $389.47
HN 1022271255/50R18 106V (28")0 $323.90
HN 1022601285/30R22 101W (28.7")0 $476.37