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WinterCraft Ice Wi31

  • 3PMS, Directional, Studdable, Winter
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
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Kumho WinterCraft Ice Wi31

An advanced new stud design gives the WinterCraft ICE Wi31 an exceptionally quiet hold on the ice and snow. The wide turbine studs provide excellent snow clearance, in a low profile design that cuts road noise dramatically. A true innovation in winter highway driving.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
KH 2167053175/65R14 82T (23")0 $129.80
KH 2167033175/70R14 84T (23.6")0 $125.36
KH 2166953185/65R14 86T (23.5")0 $136.03
KH 2166913185/70R14 88T (24.2")0 $128.91
KH 2166693205/70R15 96T (26.3")0 $161.80