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Informations Complémentaires Yokohama Parada Spec X PA02

The PARADA Spec-X® is designed to handle exactly how you want it to. Its aggressive directional design increases acceleration and braking capabilities. Perpetual Contact Patch provides a smooth, quiet ride and improved performance across conditions.

Points forts

  • Sporty tread design and wide profile give you confident handling o the street
  • Provides tremendous water evacuation for outstanding traction in wet weather
  • Special construction and dimpled design help achieve long even wear
  • A multi-pitched tread pattern reduces pattern and road noise for a quieter ride


Numéro d'articleTailleDescription
YK 110100251225/65R17102H28.5Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$231,15
YK 110100250235/55R18100V28.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$285,66
YK 110100252235/60R18103V29.1Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$275,31
YK 110100256235/65R18106H30Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$268,41
YK 110100257235/55R20102V30.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$307,74
YK 110100247245/45R2099V28.7Black Sidewall0Stock faible $336,03
YK 110100224255/40R20101V28Black Sidewall0Stock faible $355,35
YK 110100225255/45R20105V29Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$353,28
YK 110100235255/50R20109V30Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$351,90
YK 110100228265/50R20111V30.4Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$353,28
YK 110100236275/40R20106V28.7Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$389,85
YK 110100226275/45R20110V29.7Black Sidewall0En stock $366,39
YK 110100231275/55R20117V31.9Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$339,48
YK 110100229285/50R20112V31.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$345,00
YK 110100227295/45R20114V30.5Black Sidewall0En stock $389,16
YK 110100230305/50R20120V32Black Sidewall0Demander du stockDemander le prix
YK 110100237255/30R2295V28Black Sidewall0Demander du stockDemander le prix
YK 110100238255/35R2299V29Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$428,49
YK 110100217265/30R2297V28.3Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$432,63
YK 110100218265/35R22102V29.3Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$436,77
YK 110100220265/40R22106V30.3Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$445,05
YK 110100239285/30R22101V28.7Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$480,93
YK 110100219285/35R22106V29.9Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$485,76
YK 110100240285/40R22110V31Black Sidewall0En stock $475,41
YK 110100222285/45R22114V32.1Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$418,83
YK 110100221305/40R22114V31.6Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$471,96
YK 110100223305/45R22118V32.8Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$465,06
YK 110100214285/35R23107V30.9Black Sidewall0Demander du stockDemander le prix
YK 110100215285/40R23111V32Black Sidewall0Demander du stockDemander le prix
YK 110100242285/40R24112V33Black Sidewall0En stock $556,14
YK 110100210295/35R24110V32.1Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$674,82
YK 110100211305/35R24112V32.4Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$641,01
YK 110100212315/35R24114V32.7Black Sidewall0Demander du stockDemander le prix
YK 110100243325/45R24116V35.5Black Sidewall0Demander du stockDemander le prix