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Fittipaldi Offroad


  • Finition: Mirror Coat Chrome
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Fittipaldi Offroad FA13

The FA13 is a prime example of what Fittipaldi Off Road does best. We create clean and fresh designs that complement modern trucks without distracting. Like a black diamond, the FA13 confidently and quietly stands out in a crowd of followers and copycats.


Numéro D'articleDiamètreLargeurDéportAlésageEntraxeEFSSiègeLa capacité de chargePoidsStockPrix
FA13-241263539N44MC2412-44106.26 x 135mm, 6 x 5.5" (139.7mm)NonConique2500.00066.8300 $1,603.58
FA13-24128180N44MC2412-44124.38 x 180mmNonConique3700.00066.8300 $1,603.58
FA13-24128165N44MC2412-44125.28 x 6.5" (165mm)NonConique3700.00066.8300 $1,603.58
FA13-24128170N44MC2412-44125.28 x 170mmNonConique3700.00066.8300 $1,603.58