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Additional Information Firestone WinterForce 2

Built with full depth tread features to help give you long-lasting performance winter after winter. The combination of great winter performance you can rely on and long-lasting performance adds up to a great value for you.


  • Certified with the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake
  • Cold weather compound, open shoulder slots and tread design gives better grip in wintry conditions vs. an all-season tire
  • Full depth tread feautures provide long-lasting performance


Part NumberSizeService
FS 148674185/60R1482S22.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$126.48
FS 148691185/65R1486S23.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$132.35
FS 003849175/65R1584S24Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$132.35
FS 148827185/60R1584S23.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$140.51
FS 148844185/65R1588S24.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$136.43
FS 148878195/60R1588S24.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$142.55
FS 148895195/65R1591S25Black Sidewall0In Stock $145.86
FS 148929205/65R1594S25.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$153.77
FS 148963205/70R1596S26.3Black Sidewall0Low Stock $136.43
FS 148980205/75R1597S27.1Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$135.41
FS 149048215/70R1598S26.9Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$141.53
FS 008666195/50R1684S23.7Black Sidewall0Low Stock $180.54
FS 149065205/50R1687S24.1Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$188.19
FS 149082205/55R1691S24.9Black Sidewall0Low Stock $175.95
FS 149099205/60R1692S25.7Black Sidewall0In Stock $167.28
FS 003844205/65R1695S26.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$159.63
FS 149116215/55R1693S25.3Black Sidewall0Low Stock $191.00
FS 149133215/60R1695S26.2Black Sidewall0In Stock $177.48
FS 149184225/60R1698S26.6Black Sidewall0In Stock $180.54
FS 003848225/65R16100S27.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$169.83
FS 149201235/60R16100S27.1Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$185.13
FS 006438205/50R1793S25.1Black Sidewall0In Stock $195.84
FS 006436215/45R1791S24.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$164.22
FS 009474215/45R1791S24.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$225.42
FS 003852215/50R1795S25.5Black Sidewall0In Stock $225.17
FS 149235215/55R1794S26.3Black Sidewall0Low Stock $206.30
FS 149252215/65R1799S28Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$183.60
FS 006433225/45R1791S25Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$240.72
FS 149269225/50R1794S25.9Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$224.40
FS 149286225/55R1797S26.7Black Sidewall0Low Stock $207.32
FS 149320235/55R1799S27.2Black Sidewall0In Stock $219.30
FS 008660225/40R1892S25.1Black Sidewall0Low Stock $259.85
FS 008661225/45R1895S26Black Sidewall0In Stock $235.37
FS 006439225/50R1895S26.9Black Sidewall0In Stock $218.28
FS 008663225/55R1898S27.7Black Sidewall0Low Stock $226.44
FS 149337225/60R18100S28.6Black Sidewall0In Stock $222.11
FS 006434235/45R1894S26.3Black Sidewall0In Stock $246.59
FS 008662235/50R18101S27.3Black Sidewall0In Stock $245.57