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Additional Information Kumho Solus TA31

Excitement when you want it. Quiet comfort when you don’t. The new Solus TA31 combines all-season performance with a premium ride in one of the most versatile touring tires on the market today.


  • Advanced dual compound provides exceptional comfort and steering response
  • Siped, four-groove tread design evacuates water away from the tire
  • Symmetric tread pattern lowers rolling resistance, reduces vibration, noise and fuel consumption


Part NumberSizeService
KH 2172023165/65R1479?22.40-Out of Stock$89.83
KH 2170283185/65R1486H23.595000Black SidewallOut of Stock$107.33
KH 2172033185/55R1582H230Black SidewallIn Stock $114.87
KH 2204903185/65R1586T24.50Black SidewallOut of Stock$121.59
KH 2170253195/55R1585H23.495000Black SidewallOut of Stock$108.21
KH 2170263195/60R1588H24.295000Black SidewallOut of Stock$118.97
KH 2253363195/65R1591T250Black SidewallIn Stock $139.11
KH 2170233205/60R1591H24.760000Black SidewallIn Stock $124.65
KH 2170243205/65R1594H25.560000Black SidewallOut of Stock$121.80
KH 2207313195/50R1684H23.70Black SidewallOut of Stock$143.01
KH 2270283205/55R1691H24.90-In Stock $152.87
KH 2204733205/55R1691H24.90Black SidewallOut of Stock$118.79
KH 2254423205/55R1691H24.90Black SidewallIn Stock $152.87
KH 2302633205/55R1691H24.90-Out of Stock$143.71
KH 2262353205/60R1692H25.70Black SidewallIn Stock $152.76
KH 2161923205/60R1692H25.70Black SidewallOut of Stock$149.05
KH 2161653205/60R1692T25.70Black SidewallOut of Stock$127.75
KH 2170193205/60R1692H25.795000Black SidewallOut of Stock$128.75
KH 2267773205/60R1692H25.70-In Stock $168.04
KH 2171893205/65R1695H26.50Black SidewallIn Stock $140.93
KH 2188063215/55R1697?25.30-Out of Stock$134.07
KH 2170173215/60R1695?26.20-Out of Stock$135.96
KH 2176673215/65R1698H2795000Black SidewallOut of Stock$140.95
KH 2188073225/55R1699?25.70-Out of Stock$145.95
KH 2170153225/60R1698H26.695000Black SidewallOut of Stock$152.73
KH 2176683225/65R16100T27.595000Black SidewallOut of Stock$147.65
KH 2170123205/50R1793V25.160000Black SidewallOut of Stock$138.11
KH 2207323205/55R1795?25.90-In Stock $141.41
KH 2267783205/55R1791H25.90-In Stock $178.12
KH 2204203215/45R1787H24.60Black SidewallIn Stock $186.32
KH 2170103215/50R1795V25.595000Black SidewallOut of Stock$154.69
KH 2262393215/55R1794V26.30Black SidewallIn Stock $190.92
KH 2204343215/55R1794V26.30Black SidewallOut of Stock$216.17
KH 2161663215/55R1794V26.30Black SidewallOut of Stock$349.33
KH 2199143215/55R1794V26.30-Out of Stock$158.44
KH 2218653215/55R1794V26.30Black SidewallOut of Stock$186.55
KH 2175593215/55R1794V26.30Black SidewallOut of Stock$155.53
KH 2170063225/45R1794?250-Out of Stock$171.24
KH 2170073225/50R1798V25.960000Black SidewallOut of Stock$189.07
KH 2176213225/55R1797V26.760000Black SidewallOut of Stock$182.31
KH 2176703225/60R1799H27.695000Black SidewallOut of Stock$168.13
KH 2170053235/55R17103V27.260000Black SidewallOut of Stock$185.63
KH 2161953235/65R17104H290Black SidewallOut of Stock$202.61
KH 2170043245/45R1799?25.70-Out of Stock$183.40
KH 2170033215/40R1889V24.80-In Stock $215.76
KH 2173173225/40R1888V25.10Black SidewallOut of Stock$215.32
KH 2170023225/45R1895V2660000Black SidewallOut of Stock$202.20
KH 2172003235/45R1894V26.30Black SidewallOut of Stock$230.48
KH 2161673235/45R1894V26.30Black SidewallOut of Stock$230.48
KH 2170003235/50R18101V27.395000Black SidewallOut of Stock$219.87
KH 2161943245/50R20102V29.60Black SidewallIn Stock $281.36