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Additional Information Nexen Winguard Ice Plus

Winguard Ice Plus has a dual V shape that enhances grip and braking. There are four grooves and two small semi grooves that drain snow, slush, and water. The Winguard Ice Plus shoulder stiffness enhances durability and its 3D block prevents abnormal wear.


  • 13 Wide Circumferential Grooves - Upgrade drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance on wet roads
  • Asymmetric Tread Design - Improves traction and cornering performance in both wet and snowy roads
  • High Density Multi-Sipe - Enhanced grip for braking on icy and snowy roads and increased longevity


Part NumberSizeService
NX 16149175/70R1382T22.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$82.29
NX 16145175/65R1486T23Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$92.02
NX 16150175/70R1488T23.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$87.61
NX 16138185/60R1486T22.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$97.72
NX 16146185/65R1490T23.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$94.10
NX 16152195/70R1491T24.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$105.18
NX 16130185/55R1586T23Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$109.92
NX 16139185/60R1588T23.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$106.16
NX 16147185/65R1592T24.5Black Sidewall0In Stock $103.09
NX 16126195/50R1582T22.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$117.20
NX 16131195/55R1589T23.4Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$118.06
NX 16140195/60R1592T24.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$112.86
NX 16027195/65R1595T25Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$114.50
NX 16148205/65R1599T25.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$119.28
NX 16153205/70R15100T26.3Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$120.08
NX 16132195/55R1691T24.4Black Sidewall0In Stock $129.15
NX 16028205/55R1691T24.9Black Sidewall0In Stock $138.64
NX 16141205/60R1696T25.7Black Sidewall0In Stock $131.51
NX 16133215/55R1697T25.3Black Sidewall0In Stock $144.94
NX 16142215/60R1699T26.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$140.83
NX 16135225/55R1699T25.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$155.63
NX 16127205/50R1793T25.1Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$162.03
NX 16119215/45R1791T24.6Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$155.58
NX 16128215/50R1795T25.5Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$165.53
NX 16143215/60R1796T27.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$164.64
NX 16120225/45R1794T25Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$172.74
NX 16129225/50R1798T25.9Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$174.99
NX 16136225/55R17101T26.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$171.18
NX 16122235/45R1797T25.3Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$174.99
NX 16137235/55R1799T27.2Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$189.12
NX 16123245/45R1799T25.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$176.35
NX 16116225/40R1892T25.1Black Sidewall0In Stock $183.15
NX 16121225/45R1895T26Black Sidewall0In Stock $182.29
NX 16118245/40R1897T25.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$202.99
NX 16124245/45R18100T26.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$202.83
NX 16125245/45R19102T27.7Black Sidewall0Out of Stock$218.09