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Informations Complémentaires Falken Espia EPZ II

Ensures driving confidence in the harshest winter conditions. Using the latest technology in tread design, compound and construction, the EPZ II is an excellent blend of winter performance and longer tread wear.

Points forts

  • Strategically designed rib placement with larger outer-edge block-style ribs provide a comfortable and stable drive
  • Specialized rubber tread compound provides pliability at low temperatures for excellent winter driving ability in snowy and icy conditions
  • Wide circumferential grooves channel water away from the tread for consistent contact with the road surface


Numéro d'articleTailleDescription
FK 28314442175/65R1486T23Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$101,86
FK 28314443185/65R1490T23.5Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$109,60
FK 28314563175/65R1588T24Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$110,86
FK 28314516185/60R1588T23.7Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$107,86
FK 28314542185/65R1592T24.5Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$108,84
FK 28314551195/60R1592T24.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$109,53
FK 28314543195/65R1595T25Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$105,71
FK 28314544205/65R1599T25.5Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$121,02
FK 28314477215/70R1598T26.9Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$133,93
FK 28314483205/55R1694T24.9Black Sidewall0En stock $148,22
FK 28314652205/60R1696T25.7Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$126,99
FK 28314626205/65R1695T26.5Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$133,93
FK 28317662215/55R1697R25.3Black Sidewall0En stock $149,60
FK 28314479215/60R1699T26.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$140,22
FK 28314681215/65R1698T27Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$139,53
FK 28314480225/60R16102T26.6Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$145,39
FK 28314673225/65R16100T27.5Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$154,54
FK 28317771215/50R1795R25.5Black Sidewall0En stock $187,44
FK 28314727215/55R1798T26.3Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$173,36
FK 28314795225/45R1794T25Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$191,85
FK 28314772225/50R1798T25.9Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$193,27
FK 28314762225/55R17101T26.7Black Sidewall0En stock $189,76
FK 28314725235/55R1799T27.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$178,60
FK 28314892225/40R1892T25.1Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$197,59
FK 28314824225/45R1895T26Black Sidewall0En stock $221,80
FK 28314825235/50R18101T27.3Black Sidewall0En stock $189,76