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Informations Complémentaires Yokohama Avid Ascend LX

Providing exceptional mileage and grip, the all-new AVID Ascend LX™ is an outstanding all-season touring tire engineered to deliver a quiet ride and long-term reliability.

Points forts

  • Four wide circumferential grooves assure reliable wet braking
  • An offset tread design staggered in a five-block sequence helps reduce pattern and road noise for a comfortable, smooth ride
  • Our new L-2 Compound provides tread life so long, we back it by an impressive 85,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
  • Notched intermediate ribs and wavy 3D shoulder sipes provide exceptional strong grip for worry-free driving in wintry conditions


Numéro d'articleTailleDescription
YK 110132801185/60R1584H23.7Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$166,29
YK 110132802185/65R1588H24.5Black Sidewall0Stock faible $155,94
YK 110132803195/60R1588H24.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$155,94
YK 110132804195/65R1591H25Black Sidewall0En stock $158,01
YK 110132805205/65R1594H25.5Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$162,84
YK 110132806205/70R1596T26.3Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$162,84
YK 110132807215/70R1598T26.9Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$163,53
YK 110132808195/60R1689H25.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$204,93
YK 110132809205/55R1691H24.9Black Sidewall0En stock $175,95
YK 110132810205/60R1692H25.7Black Sidewall0En stock $180,09
YK 110132811205/65R1695H26.5Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$182,85
YK 110132812205/70R1697T27.3Black Sidewall0En stock $244,95
YK 110132813215/55R1697H25.3Black Sidewall0En stock $188,37
YK 110132814215/60R1695H26.2Black Sidewall0Stock faible $191,82
YK 110132815215/65R1698H27Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$186,99
YK 110132816225/60R1698H26.6Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$198,72
YK 110132817225/65R16100H27.5Black Sidewall0En stock $197,34
YK 110132818235/60R16100H27.1Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$208,38
YK 110132819235/65R16103T28Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$195,96
YK 110132822215/50R1795H25.5Black Sidewall0Stock faible $195,27
YK 110132824215/60R1796H27.2Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$206,31
YK 110132825215/65R1799H28Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$204,93
YK 110132827225/55R1797H26.7Black Sidewall0En stock $228,39
YK 110132828225/60R1799H27.6Black Sidewall0En stock $219,42
YK 110132829225/65R17102H28.5Black Sidewall0En stock $212,52
YK 110132830235/50R1796H26.3Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$218,73
YK 110132831235/60R17102T28.1Black Sidewall0En rupture de stock$235,29
YK 110132832235/65R17104H29Black Sidewall0Stock faible $237,36
YK 110132834225/55R1898H27.7Black Sidewall0En stock $234,60
YK 110132835225/60R18100H28.6Black Sidewall0En stock $228,39
YK 110132838235/60R18103H29.1Black Sidewall0En stock $262,20